Please submit the application below for the Lenox Craft Fair, happening the weekend of July 30-31st.

This event is presented by The Lenox Chamber of Commerce and Church on the Hill.

Once our team has reviewed the applications, we will notify those that have been accepted to participate.
A participation fee of $275.00 will be collected for those accepted for a single 10 x 10 foot space.
The fee for a double space, 20 x 20, is $415.00.

Thank you for your interest!

2022 Lenox Craft Fair Application

  • Craft Artist Information

    Please fill out the fields below. Your total and credit card information will be shown at the end of the form for submission.
  • Provide your Massachusetts Tax ID Certificate #. If you do not have a Mass Tax ID, call 1-617-887-6367 to obtain one.
  • Please provide the make, model and license plate of your vehicle so that we may support you by managing the parking near the craft fair.
    As required, all items are handcrafted by me. I use no kits and have no imports. I further understand that the Town of Lenox, the Church on the Hill or any of its members, and The Lenox Chamber of Commerce will not be held liable for personal injury or property damage/loss. I have read this application in its entirety and understand and agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the 2022 Lenox Craft Fair.