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Joanie Ciolfi Opens New Gallery in Lenox

“I verbalize with color. That is where my voice comes from, through my artwork. Emotions, sights, sounds… that’s what my artwork means. There has to be an emotional connection.” – Joanie Ciolfi


Joan Palano Ciolfi started her art career at the young age of five. As the youngest of several children, she was constantly encouraged by her family and friends to keep going with her art.

This support certainly paid off, with Joanie’s work having been in curated gallery shows, museums, and having her work featured in Better Homes and Gardens magazine.

She is best known for her use of “saturated color and dynamic brushwork in her abstracts, landscapes, outbuildings and dress portraits. A painter, colorist, and designer, Joanie began her studies in fine arts graduating with a degree in Visual Design from Southeastern Massachusetts University.”*

Born and raised in the Berkshires, Joanie’s art certainly reflects our beautiful surroundings, both natural and architectural. In her gallery, expect to find abstract landscapes of Highlawn Farm in Lee, the greenhouse at Elmcourt, and colorful, whimsical paintings of cows and vintage dresses.

Joanie is a welcome addition to the vibrant Lenox art community. Be sure to stop by her new gallery at 12 Housatonic Street, Lenox (next door to The Olde Heritage Tavern and the Lenox Visitors Center).

*used with permission from the artist’s website.

– Jamie Trie is the marketing director for Visit Lenox, and is an ardent supporter of the Lenox and Berkshires’ arts community. You can reach her at


Blue Cow

(L) Highlawn Farm, (R) Ewan

The gallery space