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Winstanley Partners



We’ve helped create and build brands, create new products and revive old ones – by hand. Every hand. All hands. In a nutshell, the things we’re good at, you’re probably not. That’s why we’re here. We’re in this for the adventure of mutual success.

There are people who were clients in 1986 who are clients again this year – even though they’ve changed industries, sometimes more than once. That’s a superior kind of award right there. We have the other kinds, too. They make a nice excuse for cocktails. They make our partners and resumes look impressive to those who care about such things.

Do we do X or Y? Yes. All of it. We do it. We’ve done it. We’d like to do more of it. Including everything labeled “new.” We also have a sister company that specializes in teaching and training. Ready?





114 Main St. Lenox MA 01240