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Changing Tastes
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Changing Tastes works with clients to achieve greater success by understanding and finding opportunities at the intersection of five key trends that are driving change in our food system: sustainability, public health, information technology, demographics and the changing role of the culinary professional and foodservice industry. Our firm’s insights at the core of these forces are the basis for the strategy, innovation, sustainability and performance management services we provide to leading nonprofit, philanthropic, business and government institutions.

Our team brings over five decades of experience in sustainability, food and agriculture, including the design of strategies and reporting programs for the world’s two largest foodservice companies. We have informed the efforts of most of the nation’s largest restaurant and hospitality companies, several of the ten largest philanthropies and better known environmental organizations, and have also advised several of the nation’s best-known retail food brands.

We have helped to catalyze some of the most significant changes in the food industry, such as working with the natural and organic food industry to reaccelerate growth by developing a new marketing strategy focused on personal health benefits. We’ve also helped the restaurant industry achieve leadership on antibiotic use in prior decades, providing ongoing industry involvement when the first congressional committees addressed the issue more than a decade ago. We have advised the design of sustainability strategies through sustainable sourcing and stakeholder engagement programs for the world’s two largest contract foodservice companies. Along the way, we have created more than $2 billion in additional revenue for the companies with which we have worked.