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Lynne M. Anstett Photography© – Imagery Art Works
Dalton, MA •  860.888.3672  •
Outdoor Photographer – Landscapes, nature, children and family portraits, environmental portraits:
  • Giclee Canvas and Framed Prints
  • Picturesque Note Cards (printed on environmentally friendly paper)
  • Art Poster Calendars, Note Journals
Artist’s Vision:
It is a hurried world. Photography, to me, is a way of paying visual attention and tribute to what is otherwise often missed or taken for granted – the quiet dignity of buildings, the magnificence of sky, water and land, the mystery of old things, and the countless daily proofs in nature that the world is made for our eyes.  I aim to share what I see, by chance or by design, that is beautiful to me. The camera allows me to do that.