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The Lenox Tree Crawl, sponsored by the Lenox Land Trust, is a permanent exhibit for the town of Lenox for locals and visitors. People can learn more about the amazing trees that make our town so beautiful, year round. The Tree Crawl is free and open to everyone.

The trees, permanently tagged with QR codes, are on the corner of Walker Street (near the Curtis) and Main Street in Lenox. The trees that were planted decades ago by the Lenox Tree Wardens, Warren Archey and George Darey. The tags contain the common and scientific names of the trees and the QR code brings you to a full description and picture of each tree. Three of the tagged trees in the Roche Reading Park were memorial gifts chosen in 1975 by George Darey in memory of John Drummond Kennedy (a sycamore), a red maple in memory of W. Hewitt Clifford and a copper beech in memory of Judge George A. Mole.

You can also learn more about these trees via the Explore Lenox App. The App includes an interactive map and pin markers for the locations of the trees.

The tree identification project was spearheaded by Patty Spector, a founding member of the Lenox
Land Trust, in cooperation with Chris Ketchen, the Lenox Town Manager.